Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A Food Blog

Well, it's happened: M has started smoking again. Luckily, not tobacco--his grilling obsession it now being manifested in the smoking of meat. He borrowed a friend's "Sportsman Smoker" (note helpful silhouettes of deer, fish, and fowl) and he's trying it out today. He stocked up at Whole Foods last night, or Whole Paycheck as his friend calls it--a Rocky XL chicken (they've become labeled like shirts, apparently, since they're almost as large as garments), and a couple of racks of ribs. Sometimes I get grumpy when I think of the fact that I do 90% of the shopping in our relationship, until I see him coming home from one of his visits to the store. He leaves with two items on his list and returns with a vast gourmet goody bag. Aside from the meat, he brought home good crusty bread, brie, and olives for me, so he really restrained himself this time. But if he did all the shopping, we'd be filing for bankruptcy rather than sitting on the back deck enjoying the breeze and fine view, M checking the chicken temp from the comfort of his lounge chair via the remote bbq temperature probe we received as a wedding gift. Ah, technology. I've put a few halved tomatoes in the smoker for myself--I hope they'll turn out.


So I did end up making a strawberry pie on Sunday afternoon. The crust was almost tolerable, but I have a long way to go. M suggested that perhaps we should take a pastry-making class together. How sweet, but like he'll have any time! I decorated the pie with pastry acorns, the first cookie-cutter shape I grabbed--M called them tombstones, which irritated me a bit, but was an accurate description of how they felt in your stomach after consumption. I'm thinking I'm going to just scrape out what's left of the filling tonight and eat it over ice cream. I know a little dog who would welcome strawberry tinted dough in his food bowl...


In non-food-related news, we ordered the hospital curtain track today that we're going to use in our shower, so we actually accomplished something homeowner-y today. On the way home, we stopped at Borders and M bought a copy of the new Harry Potter book. My prediction is that he'll finish it tonight.


At 1:36 PM, July 21, 2005, Blogger Nancy said...

Aren't you a vegetarian? Who's gonna eat all them ribs and chicken? Smoked tomatoes sound good.


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