Friday, July 15, 2005

Oh, le Weekend

More long stressful but productive work days. I had a headache after step class all day yesterday and it hung on long enough for me to enjoy it when I woke up this morning, so I didn't go to my Friday step class since it's more intense than the Thursday class and I almost always develop a headache a few hours after that class. A headache on top of a headache. Too much to bear this morning, so even though I had donned my gym togs and started the morning routine, I took a couple of Advils, dressed out then got back into bed, heavenly bed for 45 minutes, which suited Rex just fine--he likes to spoon the back of my knees. Yes, under the covers.

I stayed later than usual at work this evening, but got many tasks accomplished, so I can enjoy my weekend with a clear conscious.

I want to write more, but I spewed out many, many PR/marketing bons mots (at least, I thought they were pretty bon) earlier today and just can't tap out any more, so I leave you tonight with photos instead, which are worth plusieurs milles mots, right?

Aloe blossom

The kids' page in the wedding guest book

I will write one more thing about work. Since I had to visit another store in the same mall, I went into Borders (my former place of employment) this evening, curious to see the hoodoo surrounding the release of the next Harry Potter book at 12:01 a.m. There wasn't much going on, though the store was nicely decorated and two gals were sitting at a table ready to dispense numbers for those who had purchased books. As I was petting the beautiful boxes of letterpress thank you cards that I covet but can't afford, I overheard a staff member on the phone telling a customer, "Actually, tonight we're open til 4:00 a.m.!"

That is why I'm no longer in retail. Thank god for my current job.


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