Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I Did It, FSM Preserve Me

I created a MySpace page last night, in the probably vain attempt to stay in closer touch with my niece and nephew. ("Paw, they're not going to pay attention to anyone but themselves for the next ten years, at least," declared M when I told him.)

It was interesting, surfing around MySpace. Lots of dark, fuzzy photos. Unintelligible comments. More older people than I thought--I was under the impression that MySpace was pretty much for the teen set. My niece had 264 friends last night, now 267, including me. How do you keep in meaningful touch with so many people? Even if she checks/comments on ten different friends every day, that's still only about one visit per month for all of her friends. I have a hard enough time keeping up with the 15-ish blogs and sites I visit regularly.


I saw the sun today. Raked, cleared the weeds from the rosebush, sat and basked in its warmth and gloried in the sight of blue sky. I felt my shoulders unshrugging for the first time in weeks. I let the damp and dark I'd been living with for the past three weeks fall around my ankles. Just a few more days like this, please.


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