Monday, September 10, 2007

Bonneville Report

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Ah woe is me--it's 8:32…I had planned an ambitious evening--walk the dog, make dinner, water the plants, empty the dishwasher, do a nice long blog post, then slide into bed and read til lights out at oh, 9:30 or so. But I got to number two on the list, and that's just about as much as I can do after a long day back at work. But still, I want to report on the past week, which was wonderful, restful, and far too short, so I'll do it in pieces. (Pookie is on my lap, helping.)

First up: Boys at Bonneville

In the five days that M was on the salt flats, his friend with the special bike never completed a run, which was very frustrating for all involved. But still, it sounded like a very thoughtful adventure, a real change of scenery. One day I'll go, but I don't think I could last more than a day or so.

IMs from UT

9/2/2007 3:16: 14
Love u paw. Hot here. Winds picking up. No runs 4 us yet. Maybe tomorrow.

9/3/2007 10:51:37
Rolls Royce 1956 towing 1959 semi-streamlined triumph 71 y o lady driving both. Fucking cool. Eric broke down 1st run, bout togo again. John will run 1 in hour.

9/4/2007 12:49:31
Thunder storm! Eric hasn’t complete 1 run. Cluster fuck officiating & now this. John ran 142 hes trying 4 150. Love you paw.

9/6/200 10:09:21
At beautiful elko nv, mcdonalds & gas & 5oo more miles. Love you

9/6/200 12:33:10
Pee stop in cosgrove beautiful that. Lov u

9/6/200 1:36:48
Fly safe. Luv u.

Returning home, both M and his friend John were red, stiff with salt and sun, luckless in the casinos, but safe and whole. The truck undercarriage was thick with salt, which M left on for a day or so, but he finally hosed it off, parking the truck on the front lawn and setting a sprinkler underneath for an hour or so. Large frost-like chunks still sit on both the driveway and lawn. I'm viewing it as weedkiller.

He brought me home a soda bottle filled with salt, which much to my dismay is inedible. What shall I do with it? Body scrub?


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