Sunday, May 15, 2011

In Bal'mer, Hon

A couple of colleagues and I arrived late last night in the pouring rain after a long-ish but uneventful flight. It's been dry if not exactly clear today--a bit warm and muggy. I was able to stretch my legs a bit getting breakfast at Miss Shirley's before heading to work at the convention center and again at lunch with some of the gang.

We're right on the Inner Harbor, a clean, pleasant, touristy area. A great deal of brick has been laid here. I'm not so much interested in the Hard Rock Café (though the giant neon guitar perched against the smokestacks of the renovated power plant looks pretty cool) but the USS Constellation is here. I'm sorry I won't have the time to tread her decks; her rigging rising above the water is thrilling.

A group of us are going out to dinner tonight celebrating the Tauruses (Tauri?) among us. A thunderstorm has arrived and it's just started raining again. Wish us luck getting cabs!


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