Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Money Money Money...Money

Sometimes it pays to be anonymous and alone. Especially when you're stuffing french fries into your pie hole so quickly that you drop the last few from the cardboard box onto the pavement for the pigeons as you cross the parking lot back to the mall as you shove the stamps suitable for wedding invitations from the regional post office into the bag with the just-purchased exercise tubing after the conversation with the lonely old woman that you hope you won't become but you know you will at least she's healthy and humorous who told you about the post office in Nairobi where she lived for four years and who swore she would never criticize a postal service again after that experience.

Today I purchased: Outer envelopes for the wedding properly printed with the correct return address, stamps for the wedding invitations and reply cards, lounge chairs, deck side tables, an assortment of makeup brushes in a handy carrying case, a new (larger!) makeup bag to take to the gym, a new bra (just my size!), a case for my recently expanded selection of DVDs (long time coming), a toilet tank flapper valve (gotta love KMart for the variety), a new title for the BuiHog that reflects that I own the Mean Machine, I do, not the lien holder!, aforementioned French fries and exercise tubing, and, and...there's not enough in the world for me to buy.

What I didn't purchase: red wedding shoes, white wedding dress, diamond engagement ring.

What I did: Made dinner of many greens thanks to Trader Joe's, talked to my stepdad for a while, planted three six-packs of stock, lounged on my new lounge chair on the deck in the sunset with the dog on my lap inhaling the sweet scent of freesias while enjoying the green of the oaks and hillside and reading the new Martha and watching the wild birds creeping among the arching leaves of the naked ladies stuffing their pie holes with birdseed, wrote a blog with minimal punctuation.

What I didn't do: check my work email, my taxes, email some people I shoulda.

And now: off to the TV room for an episode of "Sex and the City."


At 9:15 PM, March 31, 2005, Blogger Rebecca said...

Even with minimal punctuation, you write so well. Thanks for sharing.


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