Friday, May 20, 2011

Off to Chico

USS Constellation by suzipaw
USS Constellation, a photo by suzipaw on Flickr.

I’ve put some pictures up of my Baltimore visit on Flickr. The conference went very well. I had two pleasant meals out with work friends, one after a successful foray for Old Bay to bring back to M. (He had some on his grilled chicken last night and pronounced it good.) On the last day, I got up early enough to walk part of a 5K race that was planned as part of the conference. What fun! I wish I could have done the whole thing, but duty called.

Dear niece Felicia is walking in the Chico State graduation ceremony bright and early tomorrow morning. I’ve taken the day off so we can drive over and spend some time with family this evening as well as the weekend. She finagled space for us in one of the residence halls—old people partying in the dorms! While I think we’ll have twin beds, it may not be quite the urban camping experience I was anticipating. The website says the rooms come equipped with a microwave and a fridge. I’m still bringing a cooler and coffee maker—best to be prepared! I’m sure it will be a madhouse scene in Chico all weekend, which could be fun, annoying, or perhaps a little of both. The residence is a few blocks away from the campus and downtown, so that’s good, but still within walking distance of commencement and her apartment where we’ll be celebrating tonight. It’s going to be great having some time with parents, brothers, and extended family. I’m hoping there will be some space for all the family to hang out together comfortably. Maybe the dorm pool will be open! I’m bringing a bathing suit just in case. I’m sure M and I will make time to walk by the Stansbury Home—we’re just a few weeks away from our sixth anniversary.

The Wilbur Library quilt raffle drawing is tomorrow—think good thoughts for me winning!


At 8:20 PM, May 22, 2011, Blogger Brenda said...

Well, is the quilt yours??

At 8:50 PM, May 23, 2011, Blogger suzanne said...

No! I'm so sad. I hope it has a good home.


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