Friday, July 29, 2005

I'm Packing...

...but I'm just not ready. My indecision about suits vs. outfits, how many casual pieces, the decision to spend a good twenty minutes trying to force a small amount of recalcitrant hair product into a travel-sized vial rather than make another decision--all evidence that I'm just not ready to head out to Portland tomorrow. Evidence of optimism? Tennies and stretchy exercise band waiting patiently to take their place in my luggage.

Where am I this evening? Rex looks like a hen nesting near my pile of toiletries (in order to pack, I must spread everything out on the bed before the origami of clothes into suitcases). The amply amplified singer at the Fairgrounds has finished her rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" to much applause and now the motocross announcer has taken over--how I miss the echoing refrain of "...downdowndown and dirty in the bogbogbog" that used to regularly visit me via the TV. A Commonwealth Club lecture is placidly exiting the radio, describing the failure of our activities in Iraq. M is expected home momentarily, and I'm just not ready for that either. I'm not sure why, or what that means. The bed is still in the middle of packing stage, perhaps.

But I'm looking forward to seeing my aunt, uncle, and cousins tomorrow, though it will be a brief visit overall. My conference? Well, I'll get through it. Though the Magic 8Ball has ordained that no-one will be mean to me, I'm skeptical. Blasphemy, I know. But it was not a good day today at work.

Readers, friends, countrymen, thank you for your kind comments on my blog of last Wednesday. The nature of knowing and friendship is so interesting, is it not--what is relationship, give and take, interaction? Perhaps I didn't explicitly make that point in my screed on popularity, but it kinda boils down to that--another subject to chew on. One thought on that topic that gave me hope today, made my shriveled little introvert heart glow: at the end of step class today--not the one with Barbie, but the one with many close relationships, dramas, socializing, the one where I feel like a newcomer/outsider though I've been stepping with them for almost two years--I was presented with a lovely crystal pitcher (I have a thing for pitchers, though they didn't know) and card from many classmates in honor of my wedding. It was incredibly touching and I almost cried, though I held the tears til now. I'm not sure how to adequately express my thanks to them for their welcome and good wishes.

M has just pulled into the driveway. Til Portland...

Thursday, July 28, 2005


I always seem to need them in my life, and I wish I didn't. Guess that's my reminder that I'm not perfect. Reminders help me to slow down, love, question...think. Rob is one of my reminders, but I'm puzzled by his advice today, however:

Last June in Ethiopia, seven men kidnapped a 12-year-old girl and held her in a remote wilderness for seven days. Then a miracle occurred. Three lions sprang out of nowhere and chased the abductors away. They protected the girl until a search team arrived, then slipped away. "The lions stood guard until we found her and then they just left her like a gift and went back into the forest," said one of the rescuers. I've told you this story, Virgo, because I believe it has metaphorical resemblances to an adventure you're in the middle of.

Who am I in this scenario? The girl, the lions, the rescuers, or, heavens, the kidnappers?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Am I Boring?

Don't answer that. But I've been thinking a lot about blogs as entertainment lately, in particular, what exactly makes a blog popular.

Do I want a more popular blog in the first place? I have two blogging goals: to write more, and to keep in touch, albeit passively, with people in my life. If others want to stop by, that's wonderful gravy. I had to articulate my goals the other day to a perfect stranger, a reporter from "Discover" magazine who called me on another matter, but we got to talking about blogs, and he asked me if I "got" the whole blog thing. I chirped right up and said by gum I did, tried to be clear about my take on the whole phenomenon (well, maybe it doesn't quite qualifies as a that), and offered that even I had a blog. I'm trying to be a bit promote-y about it, so I guess that answers that first question--yes, I do want more readers. No, he did not ask for the url, and I didn't find a way to force it into the conversation.

I do have two blogging rules: Be as vague as possible about work, and don't hurt anyone's feelings. Or offend anyone. Too much. But would I have a more popular blog if I were a bit more unvarnished about my opinions and feelings, and/or if I highlighted the little drama I have in my life? Mentioned sex more (hey, I'm legal now), or titillated readers with my irregular anguish? Proffered more opinion pieces?

I was thinking about the content topic because I read about blogger Stephanie Klein in the New York Times--she does a lot of soul-baring, apparently, disses her dates, discusses her disintegrating marriage, blogs every day about her NY nightlife (OK, I am envious of that), mentions when she's blogging "undraped" as we former professional figure models put the state of undress. Steph's way popular. She just signed a book deal, and is developing a TV show. I read a few entries, but had a hard time following her train of thought. It wasn't horrible, but I thought all the bloggers I read regularly (see sidebar), are way better writers, in my opinion. Is it just writerly jealousy that makes me unimpressed? Well, Gore Vidal left some comments on her blog--that was impressive. There were also several negative comments on her blog. I would have a hard time with that.

And Heather Armstrong of Dooce fame--she's a gifted writer and no longer leads a glamorous LA lifestyle which I'm sure was good blog fodder, but keeps a sexy, sarcastic mommy blog. I'm sure the fact that she's a hottie helps her ratings. But I'm not a regular reader of her blog either--maybe I can't relate to the ever-present parent topics?

It's always good to be reminded to examine what I write, and how. I'm thinking that Stephanie and Heather had help--connections to other popular bloggers that helped raise their readership, so maybe I need to network harder. But right now, I think I would be happy if just more family and friends dropped by for a read.


We made our annual pilgrimage to the county fair today, to watch, wager, and lose at the horse races, spend too much on bad food, cast a critical eye on the works produced by the school-aged artists, ogle the carnivorous plants in the Hall of Flowers, stare at the livestock, and wonder who actually buys all that crap that they sell in the tradeshow-like hall. We also always do the photo booth thing, and we always kiss in one of the photos.


Happy Homeownership Anniversary to us. It's been five years since I borrowed enough money to choke a horse and buy this little Sonoma County hovel. It's doubled in value, and it's frightening to think that we wouldn't be able to afford to buy this shack if we had waited, even a year. And because it's so expensive to buy 'round these parts, I think we'll be here for a long time...


Happy Sweet 16, Felicia! And she passed her driver's license exam today, too, so good on her.

Saturday, July 23, 2005


I definitely wanted to have long hair for the wedding, but now that we're celebrating our 4-week anniversary, I thought it was time for a new look. The final 'do is actually shorter than this fairly unflattering pic--I'll post one when I'm not feeling so...puffy.

Really, I had been planning this sniparoo for some time. This is probably the last time I'll be able to make a hair donation--by the time it gets long enough again, I think it'll be too grey. Though I almost didn't do the 'do deed today. I arrived well before the salon opened, and thought that perhaps it was a sign that I should put it off. But I had a coffee, took a stroll, bought some envelopes at RiteAid, and by then it was time. The staff were all good sports about documenting the cut for us, Gentle Reader.

Shopping around the uber Wine Country burg of Healdsburg afterwards, I kept shaking my head to feel the odd sensation of hair ends on my neck, and wondering who was that short-bobbed shadow following me around? This new image will be hard to get used to. It will be fun to surprise a few people, though, since not everyone I know reads my blog (gasp!).


M finished the Harry Potter book last night and wants me to hurry up and read it so we can discuss it. He concurs with R that it's so sad. Maybe I should put the two of them in touch and they can talk about it.


Where there's smoke, there're flies: Monday at work, Kerry said, "Have you noticed an influx of flies recently?" I replied that I had actually noticed that flies *weren't* as bad as they have been in the past round my parts--specifically, hovering infuriatingly in my living room. (What's a herd of flies called, anyway? A swarm? Murder?) Sure enough, the jinx was unleashed, and by Wednesday afternoon, they just seemed to be everywhere. It's taken me several days to smack down their number to an acceptable level. In other unwelcome guest news, the smoky smell clinging to the house as a reminder of M's meat cooking project is finally starting to abate as well. I think I'm going to have to thoroughly air out the scarf I'm knitting, however--it smells like barbecue every time I take it out of its bag to work on it.


Damnably hot today, by Jove (I've got the Master and Commander narrator's voice stuck in my head today). The once-cool house is starting to feel stuffy. It's a good day for shorter hair.


HapPY BirTHdAY one day belated (sorry!) to Kalyani and Liz!!

While sitting in the town square waiting for the salon to open this morning, I was pleased to come upon this door sculpture. When I moved back to California several years ago, it had been installed several blocks away, near the fire station. It caused an uproar--some people felt it was blasphemous, a doorway to hell. I really like it, though--it reminds me more of a ruin--so I'm glad they found a public home for it, though I'm unclear as to why this spot is more acceptable than its first location. There's a lot more objets to object to in town than The Door though, on grounds of sheer ugliness. But who am I to criticize? (Oh, right, I'm a Virgo.)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A Food Blog

Well, it's happened: M has started smoking again. Luckily, not tobacco--his grilling obsession it now being manifested in the smoking of meat. He borrowed a friend's "Sportsman Smoker" (note helpful silhouettes of deer, fish, and fowl) and he's trying it out today. He stocked up at Whole Foods last night, or Whole Paycheck as his friend calls it--a Rocky XL chicken (they've become labeled like shirts, apparently, since they're almost as large as garments), and a couple of racks of ribs. Sometimes I get grumpy when I think of the fact that I do 90% of the shopping in our relationship, until I see him coming home from one of his visits to the store. He leaves with two items on his list and returns with a vast gourmet goody bag. Aside from the meat, he brought home good crusty bread, brie, and olives for me, so he really restrained himself this time. But if he did all the shopping, we'd be filing for bankruptcy rather than sitting on the back deck enjoying the breeze and fine view, M checking the chicken temp from the comfort of his lounge chair via the remote bbq temperature probe we received as a wedding gift. Ah, technology. I've put a few halved tomatoes in the smoker for myself--I hope they'll turn out.


So I did end up making a strawberry pie on Sunday afternoon. The crust was almost tolerable, but I have a long way to go. M suggested that perhaps we should take a pastry-making class together. How sweet, but like he'll have any time! I decorated the pie with pastry acorns, the first cookie-cutter shape I grabbed--M called them tombstones, which irritated me a bit, but was an accurate description of how they felt in your stomach after consumption. I'm thinking I'm going to just scrape out what's left of the filling tonight and eat it over ice cream. I know a little dog who would welcome strawberry tinted dough in his food bowl...


In non-food-related news, we ordered the hospital curtain track today that we're going to use in our shower, so we actually accomplished something homeowner-y today. On the way home, we stopped at Borders and M bought a copy of the new Harry Potter book. My prediction is that he'll finish it tonight.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


It's Sunday, morning headache subsiding as the heat grows, but the ache is still hanging around enough to give me the excuse to lay on the bed listening to the Prairie Home Companion joke show and indulging in a few lotto fantasies. Do you have them? Today mine centers around planning a house party in a large, lovely home close to the ocean. We invite everyone we know to spend a week with us (that's as long as I could take such a crowd). The younger folks sleep on air mattresses on the deck around the firepit, or out in the orchard or poolhouse. We make and eat a lot of good food, play pool, picnic on the beach, go wine tasting, watch old movies outside projected on a sheet hung on the side of the house. Groups come and go in their activities. There's loud talk and laughter day and night, but thanks to that magic winning ticket, there are quiet places to disappear to for solitude and reflection. Little awakenings happen on the oversized chair in the dim corner of the library, in the bright sun and air of outdoor shower screened by hollyhocks and sunflowers, on the high swing over the creek.

Something about seeing people newly risen from sleep, mussed and pajama'd, eating waffles together after a late night of talk and games, creates a feeling of intimacy that I long to foster. I don't have to win the lottery to do this, I know.


Ever since talking with a friend at work about his habit of sleeping on a lounge chair on his porch when the weather is hot, I've been wanting to drag the futon mattress outside to our deck and try it, making it more private by using some Indian-print bedspreads as screens. I should do it, shouldn't I? Rex would like it. I think it encouraged the aforementioned lotto fantasy.


Inspired no doubt by Julia's recent blog, I have reached the apogee of fruit possession for the year. Yesterday I bought pineapple (some of which met the grill last night), green grapes, bananas, and apples at Whole Foods; stopped at the farmers market to purchase Dry Creek peaches and Petaluma strawberries; on their way to the airport to New Orleans for a cruise embarkation, Mom and Stepdad brought plums and more strawberries from their garden (they also gifted us with glorious maroon gladiolas, purple sweet peas, onions, green beans, carrots, and dill). Measuring the strawberries this morning, I came across a handful of raspberries tucked into a corner of the container. I consumed them all with bit of my favorite Greek yogurt, which helped to make me feel better.


Started two books yesterday: Sick Puppy by Carl Hiaasen in print (which I forced a work friend to loan me) and the audio version of Master and Commander (from another colleague whom I did not have to force). Audio books are a good multi-tasking partner--it might even motivate me to finish cleaning and reorganizing the kitchen today, make a strawberry pie, and keep plugging away on the scarf for my friend that I started months ago. That is, if I ever get out of bed.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Oh, le Weekend

More long stressful but productive work days. I had a headache after step class all day yesterday and it hung on long enough for me to enjoy it when I woke up this morning, so I didn't go to my Friday step class since it's more intense than the Thursday class and I almost always develop a headache a few hours after that class. A headache on top of a headache. Too much to bear this morning, so even though I had donned my gym togs and started the morning routine, I took a couple of Advils, dressed out then got back into bed, heavenly bed for 45 minutes, which suited Rex just fine--he likes to spoon the back of my knees. Yes, under the covers.

I stayed later than usual at work this evening, but got many tasks accomplished, so I can enjoy my weekend with a clear conscious.

I want to write more, but I spewed out many, many PR/marketing bons mots (at least, I thought they were pretty bon) earlier today and just can't tap out any more, so I leave you tonight with photos instead, which are worth plusieurs milles mots, right?

Aloe blossom

The kids' page in the wedding guest book

I will write one more thing about work. Since I had to visit another store in the same mall, I went into Borders (my former place of employment) this evening, curious to see the hoodoo surrounding the release of the next Harry Potter book at 12:01 a.m. There wasn't much going on, though the store was nicely decorated and two gals were sitting at a table ready to dispense numbers for those who had purchased books. As I was petting the beautiful boxes of letterpress thank you cards that I covet but can't afford, I overheard a staff member on the phone telling a customer, "Actually, tonight we're open til 4:00 a.m.!"

That is why I'm no longer in retail. Thank god for my current job.

Monday, July 11, 2005

No Title Tonight

Well, I've done it--I've run out of Flickr bandwidth. So I've uploaded the last of the wedding photos for the month. Thanks to Aunt Janice, Uncle Lloyd, Judi (who also uploaded an excellent set!), Franklin, Liz, Julian and all the disposable camera photographers! Still hoping to get more, hint hint.

Here's one with my brothers/bridesmen I'm so sorry didn't quite turn out. I'm sure a little Photoshopping could get my eyes open.

I was trying to print some wedding photos for my grandma on the photo printer we bought for the wedding yesterday, and I couldn't get it to work. For an hour I tried, and it was supposed to be simple--there were so few choices on the various menus. I screamed, cursed so loudly I'm sure my neighbor doing yard work next door covered her daughter's ears--I was brought to tears by my printer. OK, there may have been a little PMS involved, but still, how lame is that? I got some advice from my IT guy at work today, but I'm going to stay away from it for a little while--want to make sure all impulses to smash its perky little screen and crush its cute little buttons have completely evaporated.


How Murried (haha) life has changed me:

- All Thai food is now eaten alone--my fault for putting that re-frozen shrimp bowl back in his lunch--and there are fewer bell peppers in my life
- I have a greater appreciation for motorcycles, hotrods, boating, garages, and salespeople
- I have become a dog person
- I left New York

Well, all of the above happened long before we married, but it's amazing how we change based on those we choose to have in our lives, isn't it? At least, I do.


It was an intense day at work today--it's 9pm and I'm tuckered out. Think I'll pack my gym bag for tomorrow and hit the hay.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Blogger Photo Test

So Blogger has a new photo uploading feature. Let's try it, shall we?

Friday, July 08, 2005

Friday Afternoon SmorgasBlog

Hallelujah, the PWG is back in action! Even though I had no new writing to bring, it was just exhilarating to meet with the gals again. We spent some time evaluating our group dynamics, wondering if we should be looking for new members, but decided that we three are the magic circle. I'm in the club! They like me, they really like me!


Talking about writing again last night made me think of advice I received from two of my poetry teachers that I still cherish:

From Dr. Richard Lee, Cal State Long Beach: "If you're not sure that something belongs in a poem, then it definitely doesn't."

From Galway Kinnell, NYU: "Even if you think you're done, keep writing, keep going."

I'm wondering how I can apply this advice to other parts of my life. What am I hanging on to that doesn't belong? What's something that I need to continue to explore?


In the gym today, I stepped next to a nice gal who is getting married tomorrow. And her dress isn't ready yet. She was keeping it together, all things considered, but see what happens when you don't make enough sacrifices to the Shopping Gods?

My uncle and step sis sent more wedding photos (thank you!!), so the portfolio expands. (Obvious evidence that the smile machine is in need of lube.) Are you hoarding any photos, Gentle Reader? If so, please send, begs the Narcissistic Bride.

And since Rebecca and Julia asked for more bride-y pix, particularly the last one (blame them if your delicate sensibilities are offended), below please find a few behind-the-scenes shots.

Hell no, I'm not nervous, hell no

Shoe shot
The Shoes

Last minute adjustments
Requisite and gratuitous underwear adjustment shot
(thanks for the lipstick fix, Liz!)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

In Praise of the Boobtube

So one thing about being mostly in hotels the past two weeks: I watched a lot (relatively speaking) of TV. Wimbledon was in session, and seeing Lindsay and Amelie duking it out--quietly, I might add, unlike Venus and Maria--kept me up until after 1:00 a.m. last Thursday night. There was also the memorable Iron Chef doubles match with fish. The Food Network was definitely an inspiration for me.

And then there was The Education of Shelby Knox, a show I had read about and was interested in seeing, so it good timing. Or Fate? Or did God want me to watch it?

One of my favorite lines was spoken by her pastor when she turned to him for understanding: "Christianity is one of the most intolerant religions on earth, Shelby. And I'm hearing tolerance from you. And that's not good." Her voiceover in the next scene as she's driving away from this meeting: "Jesus wasn't intolerant. Why should I be?"

When did intolerance become such a virtue and when did it become an article of Christian faith? Any what's happening in this nation that seems to point to intolerance, on many levels, being on the rise? I'm feeling that same intolerance towards evangelical Christians that I'm sensing from them--though on an institutional level rather than a personal one, as I don't mix with evangelicals much.

I've been carrying a draft of a God Blog around for months, and I was thinking this would be time to just let fly with some God-related thoughts, in no particular order--but M advised that I really put some essay effort into it before posting. And so I will, perhaps this weekend.


It's a hot day. Many chores have already been accomplished, including washing the stinky dog, who now lolls damp on my feet as I write this blog on the bed. I can hear M in the tub, expectorating, again. (He went to the doctor, again, and he's apparently just supposed to eat Advil and hope the infection clears within ten days. If not, he has to return--what will the doc do then, I wonder??)


From the photo vault, circa 1968.

Suzi '68

Monday, July 04, 2005

Independence Day

OK, I've uploaded more, more, more wedding photos. That'll be it til I get more from other guests and/or I find that 12th disposable camera.


In a fit of leftover wedding organization and as a way of ushering in wedded life, I started cleaning out and reorganizing the kitchen cabinets yesterday to make room for wedding booty. (Our new china is soooo beautiful!) (I'm married! I have matching china!) I'm not quite done, but I'm a little sore today from all the bending and scraping of shelf paper that's been affixed for about five years too long. Uploading photos and writing thank-you notes and getting ready for our little bbq with friends tonight has prevented me from finishing this task today, but it's been good to jettison some old crap I've been hauling around since college and flea market finds that just never worked out. And it's a joy to open cabinets and smile rather than cringe. If only I could be this dedicated to cleaning more often...


We're going to watch the big fireworks show from our backyard tonight, hoses at the ready. The synagogue people who own the hillside behind our home hired workers to cut down the growth that they planted for erosion control earlier this year, because now it's dry fuel. I feel sorry for the poor guy out there now with a weed eater trying to clear a few acres of grass and weeds before dark.

Have I mentioned M's heroic Fourth of July story? A couple of years ago, M joined all of our hoses and had them on and ready to spray, just in case something went awry with our neighborhood Independence Day celebration, which is very vigorous given our proximity to the Fairgrounds where the big show happens and very drunken given our neighbors. Sure enough, an illegal rocket shot back between our homes and ignited the dry, weedy hill behind us. M sprang into action, jumped the fence with the hose (which thankfully reached the fire) like a pro, and was expertly dousing the conflagration by the time other neighbors arrived with a dog dish and gallon-pail filled with water. I remember watching him running up the hill and being transfixed by panic at how large the fire had become in just a few seconds. Our lives might be very different now if he wasn't prepared, or if the hose hadn't been long enough.

This is Rex's most upsetting day. He barks himself hoarse at all the fireworks, poor little dog.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Wedding Blog

Last night, M mentioned that I hadn't blogged, and he actually sounded a little disappointed. I've wanted to blog, mostly about the wedding, but I just don't know where to begin, in many ways. And to keep an honest blog, I'd have to confess that I was aggravated and even downright ungracious at times in the days leading up to the wedding, which doesn't fit with the memories I'd like to have of the whole experience, and who wants to do that in public forum? Guess I do. I'm blaming it all on lack of sleep and HAS, Hostess Anxiety Syndrome, which I suffer from excessively. (I've decided that HASers in recovery are called HAS-beens. M discouraged me from that joke, but I'm ignoring his advice.) I'm also trying to write down every detail I can remember, and I didn't want to get distracted from that little project. Oh well.

First of all, I have so much to be grateful for. Many, many people worked on projects large and small to help pull off the wedding festivities and others came from great distances to be there, evidence that yes, I am loved. The weather was great--it rained the weekend before, and this weekend my brother reports that it's in the low 100's, so we lucked out with the high 80's. People seemed to really enjoy themselves, and no-one (that I know of), hurt themselves, got sick (except for M afterwards), or had any other unfortunate mishaps aside from the occasional flight delays. The food was good throughout, though I didn't overeat or acquire a hangover, and I even exercised a bit. I didn't spill anything on my dress, though now I'm not quite sure what to do with a sweat-soaked ivory gown missing two buttons.

Some of the more memorable moments:

We had an emotional, absent-minded minister--very nice, and nice to look at, but he didn't quite have it together during the rehearsal. The bride is on the minister's right, according to Emily Post; the bridesman of honor has the groom's ring, not the bride's. We had a bit of an unusual processional order--M walked in right before me so that his mom could give him away at the same time that my parents gave me away (ahem, again), and he couldn't quite keep that straight so I had to channel General Axtell for part of the rehearsal. But he was a very sweet guy, and that made up for it as well as his sincerity and kindness. He seemed to be on the verge of tears during the actual ceremony, though that may have been abetted by his fiancee hovering in the back of the room.

Aside from the logistical help the rehearsal provided, it expanded the emotion of the wedding itself. M's dress-rehearsal of his vows brought everyone there to tears (except me--who wants to follow the blockbuster performance?). And I was able to enjoy the music pieces that my aunt worked on tirelessly to perfect because we had several run-throughs.

While at the conference last week, a coworker who's tying the knot herself later this year asked what my favorite moment was. I tried to think of just one, and in a rush of embarrassment and shame I thought of how I had squandered so many of my pre-wedding hours with negativity; and just as quickly, those thoughts were washed away by the memory of the joy of the ceremony and the gathering together of so many loved ones and I almost started crying (tears are welling up as I write this) and I couldn't really answer her question then.

But I want to tell her that the best part was the ceremony itself. I spent a nervous hour before it began, dressing and primping upstairs in the Stansbury Home with the help of Mom and two friends, and they left me alone just before the ceremony began. I paced. A friend of my brother's who had come to the pre-wedding dinner said that I ghost lived in that room, a nice ghost, and I wondered if she were there. I heard the rooms below fill with voices and laughter, which made me more nervous. I felt too nervous to even think of anything as I waited at the top of the stairs for my cue to come down and take the arms of my mom and dad. But I also felt very calm and at peace with this choice at my core, in my heart. I felt at once super-aware yet also ghost-like myself, as if only the essence of me were present, the mental and physical heaviness fallen away.

Walking to where M was waiting for me, I didn't hear the music. I could hardly look anyone in the eye except M and the minister. The whole ceremony went by so quickly, and I wondered if the minister was skipping parts. I remember being embarrassed by the sweat gathering on my upper lip--I asked M for the handkerchief I made him carry in case I started to cry, but used it to dab my face instead (and later tears), which I hated to do in front of everyone, but the place was so stuffy...I remembered most of my pledge, but was so thankful for the cue card. M's sister did a wonderful job reciting the poem. I remember looking into M's eyes almost the whole time, and thinking how clear and deep and beautiful they were.

M and I stood on the porch after the ceremony for a sort of receiving line, then posed for a few portraits. The we started off for the reception--not quite the grand procession I had envisioned, it was more in clumps of guests--but it was a transition, in public as husband and wife, a few passersby shouting congratulations.

The reception turned out well. The space looked pretty with Mom's vases filled with colorful flowers, and the sunlight still bright from the long day. The caterers did a great job, the kids colored for a while before the screaming-chasing phase that commenced after dinner, some people even--gasp--danced. I danced, though M and I didn't do that first-dance thing. Also, though we cut the cheesecake together, we didn't do the cram-the-cake-into-the-cakehole thing. I'm so glad that we did the photo booth project. It didn't quite work out the way we wanted it to--photos for everyone and for our guest book--but it sorta did and we have some wonderful photos that I'll post as soon as I can figure out how the &%*)# to get photos residing in the HP photo printer software on M's computer up on Flickr.

A funny-ish story about our photos--we had the usual dozen disposable cameras around the reception that the kids went wild with (at my urging), which resulted in the odd picture of the floor, soda bottles, shoes, heads cut off, and fuzzy portraits. There's also a very long series, lasting through several rolls, of one young female guest who seemed to be photographically hounded. A pouty picture leads to an expression of downright anger, then hands over the face, then turning her back, hiding behind a chair, trying to get under a table, crawling into a get the idea. There's also a nicely framed shot of a teenaged guest's boobs, which we blamed on one of the pre-teen boys, but was in fact taken by her aunt, which was a relief, though not as funny. Can't wait to see other photos people have promised to send me.

And now it's over but the bill-paying and thank-you notes. My red rose bouquet is fading, along with that glow-y, giddy feeling. But my wedding band is bright and feels so good.


Lunch Visit
Originally uploaded by suzipaw.
My aunt and uncle were two of the several people that I didn't get enough of during the wedding week. They spent a few days at my mom's, and so they were able to stop by for lunch today came on their way to SF, and that helped. A little.


The view from my hotel this past week. Not that I saw it much.

SF from the St. Francis